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BERNER - Experts with Passion

6,500 employees. 75,000 articles. An international supply chain. In short: A leading company for direct sales of products throughout Europe in the construction and automotive division. So much for the facts. There’s something much more valuable behind the name Berner. Something that is rarely seen, and which is likely the reason our customers and partners appreciate it so much: Berner is a company that has just as much passion as it does competence.

We know what our customers need – this has been our claim for 55 years. It all started in 1957 when Albert Berner opened a business selling screws and bolts in Künzelsau, Southern Germany. But how did this small business grow into the large corporation that it is today, a company that is active throughout Europe offering an extensive range of products and continuously setting new standards? Well, excellent branch knowledge and decades of hands-on experience surely has something to do with it. But one thing in particular has been really decisive for Berner’s past and present success: we’re there, where our customers are! Because a real expert doesn’t just know what he’s talking about – he knows what the market is talking about.

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